Wire Wound Resistor Range

From 0.5 watt to megawatts; performance, durability and quality are the hallmarks of our resistors & load banks. We have specialized in manufacturing high accuracy wire-wound power resistors and resistive element ‘dummy’ loads

Specific customer resistor solutions are an integral part of the services offered by the Resistorohm. Specific resistor solutions, ranging from variations on our standard products through to completely new developments, can be realized in accordance with customer requirements


  • Fan & Motor Speed Control

  • VSD Braking Overloads

  • Standby Power Generator Loading & Testing

  • UPS & Battery Discharge Testing

  • Regenerative & Braking Load Discharge

Flexible Heaters


Flexible heaters are thin (0.5 - 1.5mm), formable and able to be designed to fit your equipment’s requirements

The thin section and direct bonding to the work piece offer rapid heat transfer, accurate temperature control and even heat distribution. Standard sizes are available for most needs but complex shapes are possible without any loss of efficiency or durability.


  • Food Service Equipment
  • Curing of Laminates
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Pipes, Tanks or Vessels
  • Anything needing a flexible shape or design

Drum Heaters

Generally used in lower temperature ranges to improve flow rate and recovery percentage from viscous products they can also elevate product temperatures. Gentle enough not to damage and powerful enough to do the job.


  • Resins & Waxes

  • Greases & Lubricants

  • Palm & Coconut Oils, Animal Fats

  • Honey, Molasses & Syrups

  • Chemicals & Adhesives